22-09-09 | Blog, English

In our English lessons, we sometimes explore writing. Using “Random sentence generator” we can have fun with many first sentences and try to create more or less weird stories. Let’s read them!

V našich hodinách angličtiny občas zkoumáme psaní. Pomocí “Generátoru náhodných vět” se můžeme pobavit mnoha prvními větami a pokusit se vytvořit více či méně podivné příběhy. Pojďme si je přečíst!

As he looked out of the window, he saw a clown walking by his house. Tom called mum, but she was at work and dad was in deep sleep. The clown was in the door, he had balloons and big teeth, because he liked carrot, and he had  a stick of paper on the neck. On the paper, there was written that he likes carrot. Tom went to the kitchen and throw him a carrot and he left him.

Miloslav Tetour

I am working on a sweet potato farm. I am Mark and I am twenty-one years old. I don’t like sweet potatoes. My dad wanna sweet potatoes and I don’t wanna live with that, because I don’t like sweet potato farm, I don’t like this place and this home. My mum died in this house, and I miss her so much. I wanna live with my girlfriend, she has a pretty house. I’m sorry dad, but I wanna live with this Caroline.

Aneta Chudobová

It had been sixteen days since the zombies first attacked. The first day that zombies attacked I was with my family and friends. I didn’t know what was happening. Everywhere was chaos and death, blood, and dead bodies, but the stranger thing that happened was, that those dead bodies came to live and started to attack everyone. Now it has been sixteen days since the zombies attacked. And now me and my group are hiding in a protected place and trying to survive.

Tereza Kroupová

It was the best sandcastle he had ever seen. Max walked around sandcastle and he wanted to know who built this. Max walked by the sea with his small brother, Kevin, and suddenly, they saw pretty girls with blue eyes and black hair which built an amazing sandcastle. Max was shocked. She was like his mum, Jane. He wanted to go to her. Max ran after her so fast, but she was afraid of him. He was so hurt when he saw it. She was so soft. Kevin only sat on the sand. This day was very sad.

Kristýna Věnečková

Everyone was busy, so I went to the movie alone. Me and my friends were thinking about a movie in the cinema, but they were so busy, so I go alone there. When I went to the cinema, nobody was there, so I had very bad feeling. After five minutes later I met my friends with some people, but    I didn’t care because I really enjoyed it and I met my new friends. They bought me popcorn with nachos and cola. So, it was very nice.

Jana Brdová

Jeanne wished she had chosen the red button. Because the blue one meant that everyone who knew her had forgotten her. Even her own family didn’t know who she was. She was really sad. But she decided that she had to move on, to start a new life. So, she started working in local coffee shop. She liked her new job. She liked working in coffee shop, so she started dreaming of her own coffee shop. When she had enough money, she went to Paris, and she started her own coffee shop called Sweet dreams. Then she hired some people and BUM! her dream comes true. Her coffee shop was really popular, and she was doing very well. Even though, it was a really good idea that she moved on and went to Paris. But she missed her old life and… her family too.

Marie Zdeňková