22-10-03 | Blog, English

Random sentences for the third time. Today you can read the short stories about special creatures like dolls, worms, kangaroos or unicorns. Do you like green apples? Then be careful not to meet something inside!

Náhodné věty potřetí. Dnes si můžete přečíst povídky o zvláštních tvorech, jako jsou panenky, červi, klokani nebo jednorožci. Máte rádi zelená jablka? Pak pozor, ať uvnitř něco nepotkáte!

This is a Japanese doll. She has very big eyes. She is small and she is amazing because she sings every song in the world. I don’t like the Japanese boy dolls, but they have some good things. They have only brown hair, only one in the world has green hair. This Japanese boy doll has American billionaire Bill Gates in his house.

Jan Zoch

He dreamed of eating green apples with worms. He was thinking it was normal but people around him thought there was something wrong with him. After that he was at therapists, but they didn’t find anything. People around thought it was weird that they didn’t find anything. But he was happy. He dreamed about those apples more and more and then worst nightmares came. He started dreaming about eating raw meat and more meals with worms. One time he was just sitting in class and the warm climbed out of his eye. Then he visited doctors, and they did so many examinations and they found out that he was dead-alive.

Marie Zdeňková

It was our first experience training a rainbow unicorn. A small girl had a dream. She wanted to have a rainbow unicorn. The next day the girl got the rainbow unicorn because she had a birthday. She got cake, doll, book and the rainbow unicorn. But the rainbow unicorn was a teddy. At night the rainbow unicorn stood. The girl was happy, and she rode the rainbow unicorn. But the rainbow unicorn can fly, so they flew in the middle of the night. They were at the moon, sun, space and stars. The small girl was fat. The unicorn was small and they fell. The unicorn had broken wing and the girl started training him. She couldn’t ride a horse and she fell again. But next week she learned it and she won a race.

Rozálie Sámelová

A kangaroo is really just a rabbit on steroids. He goes to the gym every day and lifts 200 kg on the biceps and maximises every machine. After he comes home, he eats 20 kg of carrots. He is skipping on his legs all day and then he has tiny legs. He has got a friend who is on steroids too, he had big legs but tiny the upper ones. They are best friends.

Ondřej Sekyra

This is a Japanese doll. Her name is Thu Schwa. She was in museum of scary things and the dangerous things. Her owner was Mrs. Kylie Nowers. Kylie always loved scary and dangerous things because of school for experiments with dolls. One day she went to school and in her class was very ugly doll. They were talking about the Japanese doll which was stolen from Japanese castle where reigned princess Thu Schwa. And this doll was named Thu Schwa too because this doll was princess. Princess loved this doll, and she named it like her. But in the night and one man stole every doll from castle. And throw them away. The dolls were destroyed but Thu Schwa survived, and she started killing every people which she met. Fortunately, special catcher of Damon Mike Ferlevy found her and gave Thu Schwa to the museum. Kylie loved this story, and she wanted this doll to her museum. She bought doll and Thu Schwa had new home. But in five years Thu Schwa disappeared of museum and no one ever saw her again.

Kristýna Věnečková

A guy fell asleep and started dreaming about green apples with worms. One of them started talking and saying: “Hi, my name is Giry. What is your name?” The guy said: “I don’t remember my name. I only know that I am a boy and I am from England.”

Milan Brda

There were a lot of paintings of monkeys waving bamboo sticks in the gallery. The monkeys are happy and crazy. Because they live in the forest by the river. Monkeys like bananas and monkeys don’t like chocolate. Human like watching monkeys in this gallery.

Josef Zdeněk

I really want to go to work but I’m too sick to drive. I am at home and I watch TV. I’m cooking my breakfast. I play games because I am happy. Finally, I eat a rabbit and I go to sleep.

Jakub Zoch