22-09-17 | Blog, English

We enjoy random sentences. Nine original stories are coming to the blog this week. Longer, shorter, all original. Ever heard of ketchup pancakes or tomato farm quality? Read on.

Náhodné věty nás baví. Tento týden přichází na blog devět originálních příběhů. Delší, kratší, všechny originální. Už jste slyšeli o kečupových palačinkách nebo o kvalitě rajčatových farem? Čtěte.

He enjoyed practicing his ballet in the bathroom. While he was practicing, a killer came to the house and wanted money. He came out from the bathroom and heard noises in the kitchen. Then he went to check it. He went to the kitchen and he saw the killer. The killer ran towards him and wanted to kill him, but he, with the ballet skills, he killed him to the face so hard that the dead killer falls down on the floor and he was unconscious. Then he called the police and this is the ending.

Ondřej Sekyra

I‘m working on a sweet tomato farm. When I was young my dream was to work on a farm. I went to study school called Work farm because my dad worked on a sweet potato farm and I wanted to help my dad. My father‘s grandfather founded potato farm in the year 2000. When I was older I went to help them with sweet potatoes. This farm was very successful, each people bought our tomatoes.

Kristýna Pleningerová

Going from child to childish to childlike is only a matter of time. The memory we need to share is no longer coherent. Just go ahead and press that button. The fish dreamed of escaping the kid’s posession.

Miroslav Rybák

Erin accidentally created a new universe. Hello, my name is Erin. I live in a small town next to the New York. I don’t have many friends. I live in a flat with my family. I have two brothers and one sister. This is me. And now my story. One day I went to garage, and I saw big doors. I went to the doors, and I created a new universe.

Jan Zoch

Joyce enjoyed eating pancakes with ketchup. Her mom is a good baker in the New York City, who won a baker’s competition. Mrs Karle, Joyce’s mum, does the best pancakes in a small shop Pancakes and Donkys. But this work is not her only job. She also has a job in school, where she works as a school cook. Joyce loves this shop and when mom was at her second work, Joyce sold products in Pancakes and Donkeys. She always made pancakes with ketchup instead of pancakes with caramel. But people always loved this food.

Kristýna Věnečková

Everyone was busy, so I went to the movie alone. At first, I was sad that I went alone, but then I met someone. The person’s name was James. James also went alone to the movie. So, we started chatting about something. Then we started hanging out more and we really understood each other. James was very shy person, but when you started talking to him more, he would open to you. That was five years ago. Once I invited James to family dinner. He acted very strange. We also started dating one week before this incident happened. I left James with my family just for a second. But when I came back my family was dead, and James stood in front of them.

Marie Zdeňková

Seven layer cake only had six layers. Then the kid was angry because of that cake. He flipped the cake and yelled REEE. Then mom walked in and told him to stop, but the kid didn‘t stop. The kid knocked out the mom and she fell on the ground. Then dad walked in and saw mom on the floor. He rushed the kid and knocked out the kid. Then grandpa walked in and rushed dad. They started fighting because grandpa loved the kid. Grandpa punched dad in the face. And he won.

Ondřej Sekyra

It had been sixteen days since the zombies first attacked. At first day they almost ate us but we ran away. We hid in the near village, where we found a bunker with more people. They gave us some food. Then we ask them for a car and to we rode away.

Milan Brda

Joyce enjoyed eating pancakes with ketchup. On Saturday it was a party. And my friend Joyce liked pancakes with many ketchup so I did it for her. She only likes pancakes with ketchup so she doesn‘t eat anything else. When she started eating it, everybody looked at her because this food is so weird. She felt so bad because each children looked at her. She took everything what was her and ran away and she started to cry. When she went home parents were asking what happened. She couldn‘t talk about it. She ran to her bed and there she stopped crying. Joyce never ate this anymore.

Jana Brdová